About XSemi




XSemi is a Hsinchu based joint venture established in August 2021, between the world’s largest EMS provider Foxconn and the global leading electronic component solution provider YAGEO.

XSemi is an IC design company specializing in analog and power semiconductors, primarily focusing on the automotive and industrial sectors. The goal of the JV is to serve the strategic system customers and distributors around the world for both Hon Hai (Foxconn) and YAGEO. Hon Hai has more than 40% market share in EMS, which has the tier one brand customers base. YAGEO is the only top global passive component solution provider with a leading position in all of resistors, capacitors, and inductors, and its premium distribution channel has the most extensive reach with very high market penetration. These customers of both Hon Hai and YAGEO make up for a strong demand of analog and power semiconductors, and this is one of the key value propositions of XSemi. XSemi is currently leveraging off its internal design capabilities and strategic alliances with many semiconductor leaders in the industry on product designs, capacity planning, distribution channels to enhance XSemi’s product portfolio and market position in analog and power semiconductors.

Building on top of Hon Hai and YAGEO’s long term strategy and objectives, XSemi will continue to expand its product portfolio and strengthen its product competitiveness to meet the needs of the existing and future customers of the two groups. XSemi aims to be one of the key global analog and power semiconductor providers.


XSemi plays a strategic role of semiconductor blueprint between Hong Hai and Yageo, will deepen its footprint on the development of semiconductor chips which called “Small IC”. The goal is to create a steady semiconductor supply of analog and power ICs. Moving forward, XSemi is to become an important element of semiconductor supply to fulfill the needs of current international customers and future emerging technologies in Electronic Vehicles, Digital Health and Robotics. To provide customers on-stop shop services with high-quality products and stable supplies.